New Build - Install heatsink before or after putting Mobo in Case?

Hi all,

Just putting together my new build... :bounce: ... and had a quick question. I have all the parts except for the Thermalright MUX-120 and that won't be here for 2 more days.

I have a Cooler Master Storm Scout, Asus P7P55D-E Mobo and i5 750.

I've never installed an aftermarket cpu cooler before and was wondering if I should wait until I get the cooler to put the Mobo, CPU and memory into the case? Or should I put everything together and use the opening in the back of the mobo plate in the case to put the cooler on?

I'm going for which one would be the easiest, I can wait 2 days if it will be much easier to do it outside of the case. Or if it'd be easier I'll install everything and just put the cooler on when it arrives.

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    You wanna do it outside the case.
  2. Alright, will do. Thanks a bunch!
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