New to overclocking!

Hey, I just bought my first system and put it together successfully and I want to OC the CPU and RAM.

I know how to OC the speed, thats easy enough. But what I need to know is am I gunna need to change the voltage? what is a safe voltage for 3.8-4 Ghz? Stuff like that.

If anyone could forward me to a guide that would be great.

One thing I'd like to ask everyone who OCs their i7 CPUs is, during stress tests, OCCT reported my CPU's temps at around 45C, is that good? I'm thinking it's giving me bad numbers because from what SpeedFan shows me, my usual idle temps are around 43-45C
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  1. also, how do I flash my bios w/o internets?
  2. I already OCd my CPU to 3.36 Ghz and my RAM to 1600 Mhz, but I didn't flash before hand, is there any need to?
  3. Wow man, EDIT Your posts, its kinda annoying when you post 3 times.
    I'll try to answer your questions:

    1. T I have no idea what cpu you are running, you never told us... i think you are running an i7 920, correct? If so there are 2 guides that are located in my sig... these would be great for you.

    2. 45c on load is really good for an i7, actually its just about impossible to get without water cooling. Try to laod it with prime 95, then see how high the temps get using realtemp.

    3. You cannot flash the bios without internet. You need to download the new bios from the manufacturers site...

    4. There is usually not a reason to flash the bios if you are just doing regular overclocking. If you are doing some of the more hardcore stuff though, then you will want to flash the bios. It is really a pain though because you have to go through and find the best bios for overclocking. I would just remain on the stock bios, unless you run into problems.
  4. lol, I did try to edit my post apologizing for the triple post, but it seems it didn't go through.

    Yes I am using a i7 920, I am reading your guide. I can't use step 1 2 or 3 though

    Prime95 shows my load temps at 75, 78 max. This is with me OCing the 3.36~ Ghz. my base block is at 166 Mhz and my clock ratio is x20

    I was hoping to get some high clock speeds, but it seems if I'm already hitting the maximum safe temperature at 3.36~ Ghz I won't be hitting anything higher without water cooling or a much better CPU fan (I currently have the Cooler Master 212 Hyper Plus).

    What do you recommend for air cooling if I wanted to hit 3.8~ Ghz in an Antec 1200 case?
  5. You shouldn't have temps that are that high with that cooler...You may want to try the h50 is much better wit ha higher heat load. You can overload those small heat pipes in the hyper 212 very easily.

    This thing?

    I might get it after I read a few revies, it looks so much more compact (at least on the inside).

    Do you think I could OC to about 3.8~ with it and keep temps reasonable?
  7. Something is seriously wrong, Realtemp, OCCT and Speedfan are showing me temps of 98+, why would it be hotter today? This is with my CPU fan at 2k RPM and all my Antec 1200 fans on max.
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