Resolution problem between Acer netbook and Acer external monitor


Got nowhere using search field. So writing: My Acer Aspire One is connected to Acer X193W monitor. All settings I've been able to set at 14400 x 900 with 65Hz I've so set. When I start turned off computer, the screen and monitor size match. But after about 5 minutes, a quick blackout occurs which when over leaves the screen larger than the monitor screen (i.e the bottom toolbar disappears below the screen, scrolling returns it but I lose top of screen. I have to right click on the desktop and hit Select Scheme, which shows my pre-set 14400 x 900 with 60Hz. I hit that, and a quick blackout is followed by the screen again fitting the monitor, which stays correct until the next time I turn off the computer and restart it.
On Acer sight, X193W LCD Monitor is no longer listed i.e. to see if downloading its driver again will help. My computer is an Acer Aspire One AOA150.
If you can help, thanks so much!

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  1. Ok I ran through this with my Toshiba, my intel chipset allows single display or multiple display. If you're going to use ext. monitor exclusively, put it on single display and select external monitor. It should pop up on display of Logon screen.
    Otherwise, try multiple with external monitor as first choice, or use function KB button to switch between them.
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