Help renaming files from a list of other files?

I have a folder of 400 video files, I have another 400 files in another folder. I wanna have all of the names from the first folder to the files in the 2nd folder. I am trying not to have to copy n paste each name over to the 2nd folder. Any way of doing this in a batch form?
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  1. Yep, you can do renames from a list that a script can read. You'd have to put all of the directory names in an array, and you will have to be sure that they arrays line up, so folder 1 name will be renamed to folder 1 at the other end.

    This will really only work if they folders match up exactly with how you want to rename them. Otherwise you'll have to do it manually.

    Vbscript is good for that. Do a web search for vbscripts for what you want to do. Make sure you run some tests on dummy data before pointing to the real thing.
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