AMIGA 6000 where can I get this fixed lol

OK went and found my old computer out which I got in 1991, haven`t used it since 14 years ago and it worked fine back then lol, well anyway went to switch it the other day and nothing, the thing just will not start, I really haven`t got a clue where to start with this old dog, anyone know where I could get this fixed, Also I was wondering if this could be overclocked lol, or weather I could do something else with it, any ideas ? for some reason I cant paste picture on here so check out the links below,

Its a classic

CPU: Motorola 68000 at 7.16 MHz (NTSC) or 7.09 MHz (PAL)
1 MB Amiga Chip RAM by default, with the option of an additional 1 MB in the "trapdoor expansion slot"
512 kB Kickstart ROM
Optionally up to 4 MB RAM in the PCMCIA-Slot
Chipset: Enhanced Chip Set (ECS)
Video (Common resolutions):
320×200 with 32 colors, 64 colors in Halfbrite or 4096 in HAM-6
640×400i with 16 colors
640×480 with 4 colors
800×600i with 4 colors (Super72)
HSync rates of 15.60 to 31.44 kHz
Audio (Paula):
4 voices / 2 channels (Stereo)
8-bit resolution / 6-bit volume
Up to 56 kHz sampling rate (depending on video mode in use)
70 dB S/N ratio
Removable Storage:
3.5" DD Floppy drive, capacity 880 KiB.
Internal Storage:
44-pin ATA-Controller supporting PIO-2 transfer mode
Input/Output connections:
Analogue RGB video out (DB23)
Composite video out (RCA)
RF audio/video out (RCA)
Audio out (2 × RCA)
2 × Mouse/Gamepad ports (DE9)
RS-232 serial port (DB25)
Centronics style parallel port (DB25)
Floppy disk drive port (DB23)
16-bit Type II PCMCIA slot
Operating System:
AmigaOS 2.0 operating system (Kickstart 2.05/Workbench 2.05)
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  1. CPU: Motorola 68000 at 7.16 MHz (NTSC) or 7.09 MHz (PAL)

    Theres ya problem...........
    Its not a AMD CPU ya see....
  2. What kind a answer is that ? AMD as got nothing to do with this you pleb lol
  3. "Also I was wondering if this could be overclocked lol"

    Pleb, who started with the fun stuff ??
  4. True True, Your right I ment no offence sorry VRGBoXy, Im pleased at least you are taking some interest in this subject, anyway whats wrong with overclocking this Amiga, prob end up been better than some peoples computers from what I read on this site.
  5. I would say its the PSU Brick thats dead.
    I dont think you will find one cheap enough to use as a tester.

    Ebay the lot :-)
  6. Your prob right but in a way thats not a bad thing because if I was serious enough about overclocking this mighty Amiga, that would have to be changed anyway, I should just give this to Toms hardware and see what they could do with it for a laugh, now that would be a challenge. !!
  7. I remember getting toast crumbs of all things into my dads old Amiga PSU and it went boom. They're pretty fragile.
    Best you can do is hope to score one on eBay.
  8. dont know where to get it fixed.. but it brings back memories of my Amiga 500. I even had the hard disk for it (side car style).

    oh, btw, it CAN play crysis if you get it up again.. LOL
  9. O yea that Amiga 500 was even older than this one, but the Amiga 600 wasn`t my first pc, what about the Amstrad 64 < this baby didn`t even use a floppy drive it was a cassette, which was built onto the side of it, before you could even play a game you had to sit and wait from anything like 10min to 30 min for the game to load of the cassette, and you would have to do this everyday because the game never saved, because there was no hard drive, they didn`t even exist back then, god I use to love playing the Predator on that old dust bin.
  10. The most common failure now with these are the aged electrolytics. The SMT caps dry up, or leak all over the motherboard, in some cases ruining pads and nearby traces. Your best option is to find an experienced local electronics tech, and have all the caps replaced. (Shouldn't cost that much.) Afterward, it should run just like it did in 1992. :)

    Here's an idea of what can be accomplished with an A600:
  11. there was an addon board for the A600, which did the same thing as the A1200s trap door expansion. I just cant remeber the name of it. Was something like turoboard or overdrive. That would be the way to go for extra cpu power and memory upgrades.

    Maybe tower it up ? and get OS 4.
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