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I'm looking for a program that can monitor how much data is written/read from a harddrive and then display it as a graph.

I'm not looking for a program that runs its own stress test. I want to run my own tests, but need a program that can display the amount of data that is written/read.

Activity Monitor is one program but it is for MAC, I need one for PC.
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  1. CrystalDiskInfo?
  2. Journal10 said:

    CrystalDiskInfo does not record and display how much is read and written to the HHD.
  3. Sorry..
  4. Its cool. Here is an example of what I'm looking for.

    The bottom of this program shows you:

    Data Read
    Data Written
    Data read/sec
    Data written/sec

    I want the same program but for PC. That program is MAC only.

  5. I found!!

    작업 관리자 실행 (Run the Task Manager?) -> 성능 탭 (Performance Tab?) -> 리소스 모니터 (Resource Monitor?) -> 디스크 (Disk?)


  6. I've tried that program. It gives me the Data Written/Sec and only per each process individually.

    Essentially what I want to know is the Total Data Written to the Disk in an hour. It's nearly impossible to calculate that with Performance Monitor. I tried, maybe I missed something?

    Activity Monitor from MAC is so much easier u just run the program for an hour and read the number.
  7. Have you tried process explorer, by sysinternals? I haven't used it in awhile, but as I remember it gave a chart of the amount of data being read/written.
  8. Process Explorer didn't work.

    But another program called Process Monitor has worked.
  9. Good - it does look like a nice program.
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