Win 7 install cd/dvd driver missing error

my samsung cd-rw is not responding finding no driver. what should i do?
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  1. How old is it?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    How old is it?

    it is 4 yrs old.
  3. I think it's time you upgraded your cd-rw to some sort of DVD. they are cheap.
  4. ive had the same problem funny thing is this computer i just build is like brand new and i've already had it up and going once. then the psu took a dump so i got a high quality one and when i went to boot it it gave me a missing BootMgr error i didn't feel like messing with it so i went with the fresh install method which should typically fix the problems but it didn't. now it says when i try to install my windows 7 pro during the install process " missing cd/dvd drivers " then asks me to find the drivers. it was to my knowledge that the generic drivers are on the install disks as ive built and installed many computers over the years this is my first time seeing this happen. I have even loaded the windows 7 onto a thumb drive with the same results.. then i tried my stand alone CD/DVD which is only 2 weeks old and same thing. then i tried to use my 2nd - 8th computers cd/dvd drives and same thing. I highly doubt they are all bad as they still work in their machines just fine. i have also tried 3 different NEW HDD's same thing all these parts are new only 2 weeks old. and this is rather frustrating. i have reached my ropes end here coz i have tried everything. i searched tons of forums only to see about 75 - 85% of them suggest a driver update program of some sort and then i think to myself.... hmmm..... how am i supposed to run this retarted program if i cannot even install windows or get into it... i think some people are rather slow when it comes to those things. I have also changed all the sticks of new ram with more new ram same thing.... cleared cmos same thing... buying gun to rid me of my problem if i cant figure it out. Does anyone have a real suggestion or theory about what is going on and how i can fix it. please do not suggest that i download a driver searching program you will just be wasting my time. Please someone help ive tinkered with this for a week solid and ive no more ideas. ive been building computers for 22 years no i dont have a degree but ive done these things since i was 14 and never seen this before.
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