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Recently I bought a budget computer. I had NO intention of upgrading whatsoever. I had no intention of using the computer for anything other than video watching and internet browsing.

Then a stupid little bug started to bite...

I decided to upgrade the Ram because I could. My mobo is a P5S-ME SE (nothing fancy). Two memory slots. I maxed it out. Then I got this funny little urge to buy some better speakers and a better mouse. That led to an urge to add a graphics card. So I bought a GeForce 9600 GSO. Then a new 24" monitor..etc..

First off. Had I known this was going to happen I wouldve built my own damn computer. Lol, but I've already spent enough on this computer that I DON'T want to start over. I DO, however, want to build up what I've got. So please advise accordingly.

Next in line is the CPU. HD videos are CHOPPY (I'm on a cable connection) and I can only guess it's because of my CPU. Now, can I get some suggestions? Also, will I need a new fan? New power supply? Talk to me like I'm dumb please!:)

My specs:
Asus P5S-MX SE
Intel Pentium 4 3 Ghz
3 Gigs of ram plus 9600 GSO with 768 mb of onboard memory
Windows Vista home basic 32 bit

I would be willing to spend 350 max on a processor. Please advise on the BEST I can get for that amount for performance with vids and gaming, and let me know what else I'll have to buy to facilitate the upgrade.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. I do appreciate that good sir, but I only "know" enough about computers to be dangerous. Is the one you suggest in your post the best one from that list?

    Thanks guys, as I know these noob questions get old after a while.
  2. Your options are extremely limited. 65nm C2D's are just about extinct.
  3. Hmm, so in other words, just bite the bullet and get a new motherboard?

    And when you say extinct (self-explanatory) are you saying that they also are not worth investing into?

    This is where my limited knowledge drains me. I have a "custom" budget case so I have no idea what will fit in my case. This sucks.

    Thanks regardless
  4. By extinct I mean they are almost impossible to find, and when you do find one its overpriced. these are your options. All garbage.

    If $350 was your limit for spending on a processor then youre in luck. Because you can get a P45 motherboard for around $130, that leaves you with $220 for a processor, snag something like a Q9400.

    Processor Q9400 - $230
    Motherboard Gigabyte P45 - $120

    That there will just complete rape that legacy CPU you are using now.

    You could also go the AMD route, although 790GX/790FX boards are more expensive than P45, but you could get a 780G if you dont want to overclock. Id snag a Phenom 9950BE or a Phenom II 940 for this route.

    Processor Phenom II 940 - $230
    Motherboard Gigabyte 780G - $85
  5. Thank you for that info!

    That's very helpful.
  6. Then again the cheaper option would be to buy a GPU with an enhanced video decoder such as the HD 4550 or HD 4670.
  7. He does not need such a powerhouse to perform simple tasks.

    It is like using a nuke to kill an ant.
  8. Fellow muzo I suggest you follow spats advice.

    If you can find an E6600 / E6700 on E-Bay or elswhere that will give your current system a decent boost ... though. Cheap option.

    The E6600 is a dual core that runs 9 X 266 = 2.4Ghz

    You can easily overclock this to 9 X 333 = 3Ghz by increasing the FSB and slightly increasing the core voltage (possibly it may not need to be increased though).

    A dual core core2 CPU running at 3Ghz is a pretty mean little performer.

    That should save you a few bucks.

    A 9800GSO is fine for low level gaming ... the choppiness on HD playback might be the cpu ... I'd suggest others here know more about that aspect.

    Hope this helps.

    I couldn't see if that mobo could be flashed to support a Q6600 - the quad core 65nm cpu ... I suspect not though.

    Otherwise get a mobo / cpu combo.
  9. hmm... a pentium dual core + ati UVD2+ graphics card should be ok
  10. I think the 3Ghz Pentium 4 cpu in it is probably in need of a cpu reseat and the HSF (fan) is probably choked up.

    When these get hot they thermally throttle ... dropping output until the temp drops enough to resume at ful load.

    That could e causing the choppiness under playback.

    I'd still chuck a core2 dual core in it though.

    Cheap upgrade.
  11. You are probably on the right track - stick with what you have and find the best (reasonably priced) cpu.

    There is a Phenom II 940 / Asus 790gx combo for $338 shipped:

    That would be great EXCEPT you most likely have and OEM license of Windows and might have problems with new activation/validation (as would be the problem with upgrading your current mobo and revising the chipset, ethernet, etc.)

    If you have to spend money - spend it on the e2220 (if it is truly supported) and be happy - or salvage what you can from this rig and dig much deeper into your wallet.

    Who built this computer?
  12. Ahhh.

    Easy guys I'm still brushing up on all things computer!:)
    I'm OLD SCHOOL (even though im only 26, is that old?). I worked on computers and "programmed" BBS's (remote access) back in the day and that's my backround.

    After being out of the game for, oh, 13 years I still am a little fuzzy.

    ZipZoom- I bought this computer on a whim. I had an even worse desktop that I KNEW was terrible so I wanted to get something a little newer. As I said in my first post, I had NO intention of doing this. Nor did/do I have much knowledge of computers any more so I didnt realize how aniquated this mobo was.

    Basically the upgrade bug hit. It hits me for all of my hobbies. Motorcycles, car engines, musical gear. I should've known this would happen with computers again. I would've purchased something a little more upgrade-able.

    As for who built this rig. It's a local shop in Wichita, KS called Ribbit Computers (USA, didn't realize I was on a UK forum til yesterday:) ), and they called it a budget build. Hence why I picked it up with no intentions of upgrading.

    Now my dilemma with everyone's suggestions is that I dunno if I can fit a new mobo in my computer case. I'm also throwing out my original target price because I'm obviously going to need to upgrade my power supply as well. Oy.

    Are computer builders supposed to make a mobo fit? It's a cheapy (that seems to be my theme) case from them so I have NO idea what will fit.

    Let's say I go with Spat's original ideas, and the mobo and processor fit. Other than RAM and other optional goodies, is there anything I HAVE to upgrade along with that? I'm trying to gauge what I MUST buy vs what I COULD buy to do what I want.

    Man, I'm sorry peoples. Thanks for your help so far.

    EDIT: I would like to somewhat futureproof this system. That doesn't mean an i7 processor. I'm thinking one of the quad core's or dual core's everyone is talking about. I think more importantly than the processor is the mobo, right? In other words, having more PCI slots and memory slots is better in the long run.

    And with that I'm off to keep researching why computers work so I can keep up!:)
  13. Gigabyte UD3PP45 for Stability, Quad core Q6600 for non gaming, e8400-e8500 for gaming.. as simple as that...

    Ram...g.Skills ddr2 800 very cheap or OCZ reapers DDR2 800 +epc/eph i think.

    just go to
  14. Just found out that my case will hold any Micro ATX board. Dunno what that means so I'll look into it.
  15. Thats cool... even though thats over 600+ boards but, ok. :)
    anyways, i gave you a descent line up for a some what not that overpriced products.

    ram will be really cheap. PSU, since your running a 9600 500w-620w
    OCZ, Antec or Thermaltake
  16. Yeesh. No ****. That is a lot of mobos.

    ONE More question for everyone and I'll leave you guys alone!

    If changing the PSU is necessary, is there any rewiring, soldering, etc to be done? That might make me think twice.
  17. Are you going to get a new motherboard along with your cpu.. because that board doesnt even show up on newegg. If so, getting all three of those things is your best option.

    whats your budget.. and hell no, why would u rewire or solder a psu, are u insane?
  18. Yes. My new plan is to get a motherboard, cpu, and PSU if that's what's needed.

    Am I insane? Possibly. I asked, however, because I am a total NOOB with this stuff. I figured 3+ posts of stating that would get the point across.;)

    In all honesty I've got a captain-insano brother in law who builds insane rigs and does all this electrical crap to it and I've seen him solder stuff. I just didn't know WHAT he was soldering. I also came to you guys because he's one of those guys who apparently forgot that the path to learning about computers is to ASK QUESTIONS! He hates questions.

    Also, I wanted to literally buy plug and play items. I want to buy this stuff and install it without having to do insane amounts of modding. Which apparently I don't. That's a good thing.
  19. Well Cpu your wantin an E8400 Dual core right?
    Mobo: I would go for stability since your not gaming, Gigabyte UD3R P45($119.99) or UD3P P45(134.99). If your wanting crossfire then get the UD3P. Low end of the stick for E8400's I think you can run it on a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L P43($79.99) board.

    PSU: OCZ, Antec, Corsair probably aswell. 500w-600w
    OCZ sli ready.
    OCZ, 600w low price.
  20. Check PM's Guitarist.
  21. he's looking for a Micro ATX board. 46.99 for an AM2 socket motherboard Athlon X2 4850e for $55.99 45 watts only needed memory 32.99 from wintec. I had their memory before but if you have DDR2 from that machine use that to save you $$.$$.

    That is the cheapest way posible and a resonable way to go. It will get the job done gurentied. It won't be the fastest but it will do what you ask of it. Total cost about $132.97 Plus shiping.
  22. he's looking for a Micro ATX board. 46.99 for an AM2 socket motherboard Athlon X2 4850e for $55.99 45 watts only needed memory 32.99 from wintec. I had their memory before but if you have DDR2 from that machine use that to save you $$.$$.

    That is the cheapest way posible and a resonable way to go. It will get the job done gurentied. It won't be the fastest but it will do what you ask of it. Total cost about $132.97 Plus shiping.

    CPU he's going for is an Intel chip, not AM2.

    looking for a 2 16x 2.0 slot mobo, only one i seen is the DFI mobo. which is a P45 Micro ATX.
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