Removing stock Intel fan from HSGF

Hey there guys,

Needed some advice, since i've come to a grinding halt.

I've built a computer a while ago (this would be my third Micro-ATX system), and made the enormous mistake of putting an i5 750 in it without reading about the heat issues.

It frequently shuts down during idle (i.e watching movies on it), so after running Prime95 + speedfan, and seeing the almost laughable temperatures, i've decided to get a new HSF.

After looking extensively at what's available to me (being Australian, and unable to order online) the best solution wasn't necessarily the simplest.

The only way to change the HSF in the case, was by finding a fan of the same size as the stock intel, and swapping over the fan.
Having picked up a Noctua NF-B9, getting it home excitedly (this computer has been sitting here for weeks now), I've discovered that the fans dont come apart from their case/brackety thing so easily - and that's where I'm stuck.

For those who said tl;dr - I need to pull off the fan from the stock Intel i5 HSF (and keep the bracket intact, yet remove the fan blades + circuitry), and swap it over with the fan+circuits from the Noctua NF-B9.

Any advice? :D
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  1. Unfortunately the only thing I can tell you is to look everywhere for a mounting bracket.
  2. Bah, not really an option. only thing i can think of is mount the fan upside down on the heatsink (so that the blades are able to spin, since one side is exposed) and hold it down with some bolts and a crudely made mounting bracket.

    But that sounds like a bigger pain in the butt. :S
  3. if you are able to purchase over the phone i found an Australian website that have a sales department over the phone as well as free shipping to anywhere in Australia (02) 9898 3055. if thats not the case then im stumped on what to do. you will have to mod the hs and that might get the job done.
  4. Thanks for the idea.

    The only mod i can think of that'd be realistic (with my limited metal work skills) would be lapping, but i need to lose way more than one or two degrees.

    Thanks mattidallama, ill see what i can find :)
  5. you could also trade my old e5200 set up with ram and after market heatsink for your i5 set up haha but i doubt you want to trade down
  6. Hahaha I'd have no problem, but I'm sure my client wouldn't be particularly happy. :S
  7. well im assuming your client does not want to have a cpu heatsink shipped internationally? or use a credit card to get it.
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