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If you try to install windows7 drive partition creation can not be found in the message is printed.

When you upgrade from windows vista windows7 upgrade blue screen will be displayed in the final stages.

How do I install windows7 a mini 1010?
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  1. But How old are you guys? I was the first foreign country to visit the site. Google Translator performance stinks. ㅡㅡ
  2. 와나 씨발 애미없네.. 남들은 mini10에 다른 회사 ssd 넣어서 윈도7 잘 돌린대잖아? 인텔 니미 씨발새끼네; 아오.. 넷북 무소음 만들 수 있을 줄 알았는데 씨발진짜 빡쳐서 ssd 걍 데탑 운영체제용으로 돌려야겠다 씨팔 진짜 아무도 해결방법 모르냐?
  3. Make sure your system is stable; run Memtest86+ for several hours to confirm a stable system.
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