How do i sign on in safe mode with hp pavilion dv7 pc windows 7

HP Pavilion dv7-2277cl Notebook PC

I am pretty sure this is windows 7

When I turn on the power I see The hp invent screen then:
I get
Please install operating system on your hard disk.
Hard disk - (3FO)
in system diagnostics

I bought this from another person, the warranty was up in February
and I have no discs. So can I fix it or do I need to take it to town?

I unhooked everything, took out battery, shut down for awhile and
tried to reboot, same result.

I did try to install an HP All in one Printer, scanner, copier yesterday
and it did not work. The screen said it could not be done. So that was it
and I took out cd. That is the only change I know of.
I can follow instructions. Thanks
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  1. does your BIOS recognize the hard drive?
  2. I am not sure. I see that it is a (3FO) on the screen, is that the hard drive? If so, I assume it does recognize it but I am not sure. Thank you for trying to help me.
  3. When I hit System Info I do see all the info there. Does that help with your question? I see BIOS Version F.36
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