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So im trying to OC my G.Skill F3-12800cl8-2GBRM from 1333 to 1600.

My spec.

Amd phenom II 710 (OC, 3ghz and 4th core)

fsp 250 x 12
HT 2000
NB 2000

Mobo: M3A785GMH/128

2x G.Skill F3-12800cl8-2GBRM

My timings are 8 8 8 24 34, volt is auto

Ive been trying to get past 1333 but i wont get very far until it starts freaking out in windows loading area. Sometimes i reach login sometimes i dont.. Blue screen.

Any1 tried doing this with the same spec??
Maybe ive reached the limit of my rig??
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  1. Why do you want to overclock your memory? As you've discovered, there is *not* much room before the system becomes unstable.

    Further, the benefits to running faster RAM are very small.
  2. I think he just wants to run his ram at it's rated speed of DDR3-1600 so he doesn't feel cheated for buying 1600 ram.
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