GA-8PE667 Ultra - Largest EIDE ATA133/100 HD?

I know this is an outdated board for the fanitics, but it will do the job for my nephew. We have already overused the current HD to the point, it cannot be defraged.

I do not recall the largest HD measured in Gigs that this motherboard can handle. Will my MB handle a TB HD? I know they will do Ultra ATA 133. I don't understand RAID enough to trust it. I'm thinking I can install a new HD and second drive as large as possible / practical(?) to enable TIVO type video archiving.
How would you format the drive for max TIVO?

I'm trying to recall the specs for the CPU so that I can upgrade if they are still available. Socket 478 Intel P4 533/400 FSB.
I have run 1.8 and 2.4 CPU.
I don't plan on overclocking this one after the rebuild.
I have done some overclocking successfully with the above setup.
UPDATE: I've seen a couple of CPUs that have my attention:
2.8GHz Intel P4 533MHz 1MB Socket-478 OEM BX80546PE2800E
Will this work on my MB?
How about this one? Which would you use and why?
3.06GHz Intel P4 533MHz 512K Socket-478 H/T OEM RK80532PE083512

Places to purchase reasonably?

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  1. Always E-Bay for the CPU; any other stuff, I can whole-heartedly recommend NewEgg; low prices, immediate shipping, and stand behind their stuff...
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