First EVER PC by me...HELP PLZ

hey guys i am building my own PC for the first time.....
i am trying to buy a decent case w/ good power supply for my computer....i am getting GTX 260 which requires minimum of is also 10.5 inch long...

now I found 2 good combo deals....I would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out which one should i buy......
this one seems to have good cooling system i think but it has PSU on the bottom and PSU is not as good as the above one, which as 750W

i would like u guys to keep in mind the size of the card in mind while helping me out
also, none of them seem to have LED Temperature display on front panel, which is something i was looking forward to as my last computer got burned because of high temperatures....therefore, i was wondering if any of u would knw of a software that i could download after assembling my pc which would keep me updated on my temprature while i am surfing on net or playing games....

Thank You guys so much
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  1. Please see the link in my signature, it's a great lace to start.

    Your choice of the Antec 900 is excellent, highly recommended. You'll need to state a budget and intended resolution.

    The other case/PSU combo you suggest is bad. NEVER judge a PSU by wattage alone.... You'll see a complete explanation in the link below.
  2. thanx proxi for replying so quick
    my budget for combo is 150 of less....i am student...can't afford much

    i am in the process of reading ur guide....
    meanwhile would u tell my y was the other combo bad?
    and if i buy antec...i knw its a great case and the PSU is 650 W and looks great too...but do u think that would be enough to run my GTX 260 and other computer components.....caz it would be really frustrating if i buy this now and later find out that i needed to buy 1000W psu to run everything on my comp....
  3. I have never read a positive technical review of an Apevia PSU. In one Jonnyguru review of the Beast (the one in that combo), the PSU literally began to melt well below its rated output.
    A 650W Antec will have no problem with a GTX 260.
  4. thanx jtt....i just read proxis guide and it gave me a link to jhonyguru, which does mention that Anten PSU are pretty well know and reliable.....
  5. The subject of PSUs is covered well in the guide. The Apevia beast is a very poor PSU, suitable for doorstops only ;)

    On Tigerdirect, I think the only decent PSUs are Corsair and the Ultra X3 line... I might be wrong but that's my impression.

    The Antec EA650W is a quality unit that will run your single GTX 260 no problem.
  6. Thanx guys....this is the best forum....i cant believe i m getting replies so quick
    now that PSU is solved
    wat do u guys think about the Case that i posted.......
    do u think having PSU on the bottom will create any problem? will it overheat my computer or anything like that?
    Apart from that, do u think its dimensions(19.4, 8, 18.4) are good enough to fit my graphics card without much problem?

    another thing is on graphics card said that i need to make sure my PSU provides at least 36A @ 12V......i am not sure if my Antec PSU does that...honestly, i dont knw wat it means.....
    it does say 19V @ 12V1, 19V @ 12V2 and 19V @ 12V3......
    does that mean...its good right??
    sorry...still learning..first time building own pc....

    Thank once again guyss....very much appreciated.
  7. Sorry one more question plz
    motherboard that i bought says it is "FACTOR FORM - ATX"

    and antec case says it is compatible with ATX/m-ATX....

    does that mean its compatible with my motherboard????
  8. The Antec 900 will fit anything you throw at it and will cool everything very well.

    Ooops actually the combo is with the Neo 650W, which is fine. The Neo supply 624W across the 12V lines. (look at the newegg pics of the label on the side)

    To discover the actual amps, divide the wattage by the volts. In this case 52A on the 12V lines.
  9. vik250 said:
    Sorry one more question plz
    motherboard that i bought says it is "FACTOR FORM - ATX"

    and antec case says it is compatible with ATX/m-ATX....

    does that mean its compatible with my motherboard????


    LOL, well ya it will fit fine :p
  10. thanx proximon.....thank you very very much for all the help...i am gonna go ahead and order the combo right now
    i was Jetway not a decent motherboard that i chose?
    i ask this caz u wrote "jetways?????"...makes me feel like i made a bad choice....
  11. I don't have anything really negative to say about Jetway. I thought they only made boards like this:
    Mini ITX boards that come with processors.

    They would likely be the last maufacturer to be recommended for an AMD build, but they might be fine, who knows?
  12. oh k...thanx proxi....
    although i am a bit worried i allready ordered
  13. and yeah...thanx for the temperature softwares....
  14. The 2.1V setting is done by your motherboard, and has no relation to your PSU.

    In your BIOS will be settings for DRAM voltage and CPU voltage and other things. They will probably be handled automatically, as long as your motherboard and RAM know how to talk to each other.
  15. oh ok....thank you
    which one of the following rams do u recommend

    my motherboard specs do say that they suppost dual channel memory and has memory standard of DDR2 at 1066
    Therfore, i believe any of above should be compatible with my i right?? i wold like to knw which one i should go with....

    wat does it mean by SLI-certified RAM?
    how does dual channel RAM differ then regular one?

    thank you
  16. You would be better off with a 4GB set like this:

    But if I had to choose from those:
    probably the best.... tigerdirect doesn't give full specs so it's hard to say.

    SLI RAM is just a marketing gimmick and means absolutely nothing. Likewise dual-channel is something that your motherboard automatically does any time you put matched RAM into the correct slots. Any RAM pairs can claim to be dual channel.
  17. thanx proxi ......
  18. can someone plz tell me wat is my motherboard's memory standard.....if u follow the link below and look under specification, it says "memory standard DR2 @ 1066" and if u click on one of the picutres and zoom in on the box, it says "dual channel 800 memory DIMMs supported"????
  19. The memory standard thing they list on newegg is just a marketing statement. The board, being a 790GX, should have no problems with DDR2 800Mhz OR 1066mhz.
  20. oh..ok....thank you very much proxi
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