4670 or 9600 GT?

just wanna ask for your opinions. i've seen benchmarks on both but still can't decide on which card to buy. i'm not a hardcore gamer. just want to play with decent framerates. i mostly use my PC for surfing and watching movies

I will be gaming at 1280x1024 res but will be upgrading to a 22" screen.

my specs are:

E6550 stock
3 GB DDR2 PC6400
8500 GT 512MB
520 W PSU
17" CRT will be upgrading to 22" or 24" LCD
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  1. I'm gonna vote for the 4670, as the performance is similar, but the 4670 uses less power, has dx10.1, and the video performance is generally considered better on ATI/AMD cards.
  2. i think the ati is the safest! you don't need extra pins to put in.
  3. Yeah, looking at some benchmarks it kinda a toss up between the two. I bought the 9600GT when it came out. If the HD4670 was sold at that time, I would have bought instead for my HTPC since it uses slightly less power and I've been mostly using ATI cards.

    My last nVidia card before the 9600GT was the GeForce 4200 Ti years ago.
  4. +1 for the 4670 but i would throw a consideration for the 4830 in if the new screen is capabl eof going above 1280x1024

  5. thanks for the suggestions. what about the software included? ATI has avivo but what about nvidia?
    can i CF the 4670 with higher 4xxx cards?
  6. normaly yes, but the 2 gpu's will run only at the slowest speeds. so you would make from a 4870 a 4670
  7. There have been stability problems with the nvidia cards, especially in Oblivion. I have a 9600gt and would get too many crashes on Oblivion to play the game. I miss my Radeon x800xl. Rock freaking solid. But it was just too weak for the new games so I loaned it to my sister to play WOW. Also my year+ old 9600gt gives me crashes in BF2. It is a PNY. Other hardware is a P5QL Pro ASUS board and E8400 INTEL CPU and 2x 2GB GSKILL RAM. There is no doubt in my mind that the issues I've been having in BF2 and Oblivion are due to the instability of this video card. I will probably never buy an Nvidia card again.
  8. The 9600gt is the faster card. Tbh, the 4670 was overpriced to start with and still is. Although it's definitely a gaming card, it is pretty much the worst gaming card you can buy.

    I seriously recommend saving up another $20 and moving into a different league of card altogether. However, if you really dont play many games at all then the 4670 is for me the cutoff point of what is and is not acceptable for a gaming card.
  9. get the 9600GT if you are getting a larger screen, its the better card. the 4670 will have issues with a 22-24inch LCD on higher settings compared to the 9600GT
  10. i would choose the 4670 any day ..same performance low power consumption(no need of any branded psu ) and cheaper......this article explains it best
  11. 9600GT is the better card, but needs a power connector.

    The 4670 performs similar to the 9600GSO.
  12. HD 4670 HANDS DOWN. Even the HD 4650 is similar to the 9600GT and the HD 4670 pisses all over both of them for a cheaper price! than the 9600GT.
  13. I have a 9600gt, none of the issues some others report. However, I know my 22 inch can do 1680x1050 resolution. If I were you, up your budget to maybe go for the 4850 at just under 100 bucks. It's not that the 9600gt is bad, but at times I find myself turning down settings a little at my full res to get better performance, or pulling the resolution down a little.
  14. Guys which card is better HD 4670 or the HD 3870?
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