Choice of thermal paste

hey there!

been looking around and couldn't come across a fair answer to the thermal paste brands.

what dya guys recommend i go for?

kind swaying for the arctic cooling mx-3

ur views?

thanx for ur efforts
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  1. I've been using Shin-Etsu X23, with excellent results.

    Though if the popularity contest were in place, I suppose Arctic Silver 5 would win.
  2. MX-3 is pretty good, hard to apply properly.

    Shin is very good stuff, coming in a close second is is MX-2.

    Take a read at this.
  3. well i'm still not very sure, the test list is kinda small :S
  4. Yes, it's done at XS. XS is where many world winning overclockers hang out. The test is a few of the top pastes, Vapor did the test mainly to test the new metal T material and tossed in comparisons of other TOP pastes users at XS use. No need to check all of them. Only some are worth the trouble to look at.

    So thats why the list is so short. There is one around where they used toothpaste even, think it was 30+ pastes, and that is over 2 years old. Those kinds of comparisons don't help much.

    Here is a test of a new paste, look at all the tests of the other pastes in the user tests. Might help.
  5. hmmm . will go for the read! :D
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