Okay im still pretty new to building computers the first one i built was an ATI build i LOVE LOVE LOVE ati has good price/performance. But i decided to see what things were like on the nvidia side. So i sold my system and got about 500 more dollars then what it was worth which got me to 1500 =]

here it is

I just went 16 dollars over the budget just to add a decent sound card =]

My orginnally build had a XFX 790i ultra sli system and DDR3 but the problem was i had no accessories such as case fans or fan controller etc. So i firgued that DDR3 wasnt really worth it for the price i had it for and the 3 way sli 790i ultra wasnt worth it so i dropped it and got the 780i(i didnt buy it yet just changed it) With the money from it i decided to optimize my cooling so i added 2x 140mm fans(u can remove the bottom HD cages to add them) a CPU fan and a fan controller and a video card.(and some 3pin extenders) (also i know i can by the 4 fan controller thing to be under my budget and use a splitter or whatever to make each fan controll 2 but ill use 6 =] ) Anyway so yea my system has 6 fans(3 stock 230mm side 120 or 140mm back and one in the front and i added 3 more fans) So its perfect and it wont make my case look so plain since i have all those bays to put stuff in lol. And i also added a computer building tool kit =]
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    If you really want to do SLI wait and get an x58board with an i7.
  4. i waited all day for a reply and thats what i get? thanks..
    when do they come out
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