Help to identify difference between creative CT4810's

A friends old motherboard can't get the audio working.
I have 2x creative CT 4810's, but looking closely they are quite different.


The only difference on my cards is the second one of mine has it's copyright at the bottom labeled 2000 instead of 1999. The first card is 1999, which matches the pic.

Which one is the better to use?

Will windows XP automatically detect and install or do I track down the drivers for it?

If I use the first card, is the jumper(next to green audio jack) set correctly in the pic(the jumpers on my card are opposite to pic)- what is it for?

Much appreciated for any help anyone can give me on this,
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  1. hi i have a mix between the two. Mine has the stamp from your second card and the chips from the first. Anyway xp doesn't install it for you. You will have to find drivers for it yourself. When you do let me know, as i am also looking for them too.

    If i were you though i would go pick up a new card, that works with xp. They are around $40 (in Canada), and that supports 6.1.

    This card is for 2 only (output from green jack)
    Hope this helps
  2. Cheers mate, one card was dead anyways once we tried it but he now has some sound.
  3. right jumper position for your situation are 3-5 and 4-6

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