HD4650 DDR2 overclocking

I have a hd4650 ddr2 which of course, sucks. i have to use it until i get a better one. i just want to use the graphics card at its maximum until i get a good one.

can anyone please tell me what i should do to over clock. what are the pros and cons???.. what are the extra hardware needed to do it.

i know there is a Google search. but its better to hear answers to own questions!
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  1. U can overclock ur gfx card using a software called "ATI TOOL" Just raise the clocks slowly ,Keep a look at the temps of the gfx card ,U can use "HW Monitor" for watching temperatures.

    Pros of Overclocking:

    mainly increase in perfomance with out paying more cash!

    Cons of Overclocking:

    1.Overclocking will void the warranty of that device
    2.lifespan of the device will be shortened
    3.May even destroy the device!
    4.Ur Pc may become unstable

    and finally u will become an OVERCLICKING ADDICT!

    U dont need any extra hardware for overclocking the gfx card ,Just need a software.
    For overclocking a cpu,U need a motherboard which supports overclocking feature.
    Mainly used motherboards for overclocking are ASUS and GIGABYTE.Only few intel motherboards support overclocking!
  2. what is the most possible juice i can get without destroying it or making it unstable
  3. Overclocking abilities of a given chip will vary, so there's no quick answer. That's why you need to increase clocks and/or voltages in small steps, testing along the way. As soon as instability or problems appear (for a GPU, typically onscreen artifacts), you know you've hit a limit; back it down a little and stay there.
    Increasing voltage will often allow higher clock rates, but you need to keep a close eye on temps, as that's what will kill chips. If all you do is increase clocks, leaving voltage alone, you are a lot less likely to kill anything (although it can still happen).
  4. yeah. and the ati tool doesn't on windows 7 64 ultimate bit. any other tools. and will a pci cooler work on decreasing the temp.
  5. ATI's Catalyst Control Center offers some overclocking options.
    If it increases the airflow over the card, a PCI slot cooler may help a little, but you need to have good intake at the front of your case. I got one of those coolers a year or two ago to help cool an Asus EAH3850, and was not impressed by the amount of air it moved. I decided to get a dual-slot card instead, that exhausts its heat, so I upgraded to a HIS HD4850 with the IceQ4 cooler. Very nice; it's been too long since I even bothered to check the temp, but it was somewhere in the 60s and the fan was still silent.
    What is your screen resolution, and what games do you want to play? What is your budget for an upgrade, and what is the brand and model of your PSU?
  6. im using 1680x1050 resolution though my monitor supports full hd. i wanna play cod 6, crysis, undercover red alert 3 c&c these games. i havent checked my psu as the pc is new and warranty would void is case is opened. is there a software that could check the brand and model of psu??????
  7. What is the brand / model of your new PC? The manufacturer's web site or a Google search should tell you about the PSU. We need to know this in order to determine the most powerful graphics card you can safely install without also upgrading your PSU.
    In any event, you will have to open your case to install a new graphics card and/or PSU.
  8. im not gonna install a new graphics card but i think it is 500 watts, the manufacture site says.
  9. Well, you say "until you can get a better one;" did you mean the entire computer?
    Even a mediocre "500W" PSU should have no trouble with a HD4670, which needs no auxiliary power connector, and would be visibly better than your HD4650. You'd have no trouble with a HD4770, which does need a PCIE power connector but is a few more tiers above that.
  10. well. ill get a card later. not now......is 500 watts mediocre?????? i mean, i intend to get a 250 GTS after the first half ofd this year.
  11. "Mediocre" refers to the quality of the PSU, not its size. Voltage should be regulated within narrow limits, there should be minimal ripple and noise, the unit should be efficient, and be capable of actually outputting what's on its label under realistic operating conditions. WWW.hardwaresecrets.com has some excellent tutorial articles on PSUs. That site and www.jonnyguru.com probably have among the best testing. Check them out.
  12. OK. is it good for a 250 GTS card????
  13. The PSU you have now? It "should" be, but there are plenty of cheap "500W" PSUs out there that would not be strong enough, because they are really only good for 350W, and even then are poorly regulated. Do you have a link to the manufacturer's web site?
  14. wow, my gpu temperature is at 63 C even without overclocking. dya reckon OCing this card is ok considering the current temp
  15. That isn't too bad for a GPU. Do you have enough airflow through that case? What fans does it have, if any?
  16. dudes. i just played nfs undercover without overclocking. everything highest possible. 1650*1050 resolution. at my graphics temp went like 87-94 degrees.....without overclocking. could it be even posible
  17. That's getting a little warm. You may not have any headroom for overclocking, at least not unless / until you can improve the airflow through your case to bring your temps down.
  18. i never though 94 degree was little warm. even burns your finger.........but nevertheless, considering the temperature rise, i think ill put a lid on the overclocking bit. thanks for your time.
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