Two power supplies? is it possible

ok so i have a xps 630 with a 750watt power supply and i have another 750 watt powersupply from my xps 700 and i was wondering if i can use the power supply from my xps 700 to power my second gtx 260.....i no you have to hook it up to the motherboard and i already took the motherboard out of the xps 700 and connected the 24 pin to it.....will i have any problems if i do this?

and im doing this because i dont have enough 6 pin connector for the second gtx 260 and also i dont wanna go through the hassle of buying a new power supply lol
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  1. To start with you don't have to connect the 2nd PSU to a 2nd motherboard, there's a method of placing a wire between 2 of the pins on the 24-pin connector to basically give the PSU an always-on state, meaning you have to turn it on and off with the switch on the back of it.

    If you need another 6-pin adapter you can always get Molex -> PCI-E adapters
  2. yea but i only have 3 molex and i need 4 so i can have two 6 pins
  3. 3 molex on a 750W PSU? That's insane... what make and model is it?
  4. its a xps 630...its a dell
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