Should I install OS on the Velociraptor or 1TB Hitachi?

Background of what I have first:
A) 1TB Hitachi SATA 7200RPM hard drive with 32MB cache

Western Digital Velociraptor 300GB 10000rpm WD3000BLFS

B) Currently, have Windows 7 32 bit on 1TB drive right now

Will be installing Vista Ultimate 64 bit soon

C) Planning on Dual Booting on Same Drive

My thinking is it is better to have games on the Velociraptor.


Should I install my Dual Boot OS on the Velociraptor or 1TB Hitachi?
Said it another way, Should I install my games on faster drive (Velociraptor or 1TB Hitachi?

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  1. Install both your OS and your games on your fast drive. The velociraptor has 300 GB and should be able to hold both operating systems and still have room left over for many games.
  2. The Hitachi probably has better peak transfer rates than the Velociraptor, but the Velociraptor will have the best access times. Since access times are what's most important for booting and starting applications, follow eloric's advice and install those things on it.
  3. Thank you for your feedbacks. Is having OS on Hitachi and games on Veliciraptor going to slow down my playing experience?
  4. It probably won't make any difference to the game once it's loaded and running. Most games don't use the disk while they run, except for some games which may read game data at, for example, scene changes.
  5. How about for Flight Simulator or X-Plane? My initial thought is to put these on Veliciraptor. By the way, they take a good chunk of space so not sure if I should put OS and Games all on Veliciraptor.
  6. I always install the operating system and whatever apps/games i use most on the fastest drive i have, then install other stuff on slower drive...
  7. Thanks all for your feedback. The feedback tally says I should install both OS and Games on Fast Drive. :)
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