Amd duel core with 9800gt

where do I start with amd dual cores that wouldn't bottleneck my 9800gt???
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  1. I'd say start out with the new Athlon X2 7750. Its a quad-core Phenom with two cores disabled and with the ability to run at higher clock speeds. It also has a larger amount of cache memory, and definitely keeps up with most Intel dual-cores of similar speeds.
  2. not if you run it at high fsb and 3.2ghz - i am guessing but you be ok

    ddr2 will help

    i was looking at the newegg deals today - the amd chips are cheap! mobo combo you can get out the door for $120 or under $200 for 3ghz chip and a good mobo

    i use them for cheapy systems
  3. I'm using a 7750x2 Be @ 3.2Ghz and a gtx 280 and its a great setup.

    Got it up to 3.2 @ 1.4vcore.

    Mobo is Freaking out on anything above 3.3 Ghz though, dont wanna change those voltages. im on a gigabyte 780g.
  4. ya -- you rock - check you fps then run more apps see how much headroom you have i think you have a bit

    i.e. run anti spy and anti virus while you game and check your fps - make sure you have 4gb of ram and 64bit os

    the cpu is max at 3.3ghz the cpu can not run any faster amd has tweaked the fx-60 to 3.4ghz max

    unless you LN2 or phase cooler or som n

    skip the am2+ go for am2 and get the better mobo deal? cheaper cpu - -just a thought! then use the savings and get a 260 216!

    thats what i get paid for!
  5. Gigabyte 780G AM3 compatible is 85 dollars, 2x pci-e slots 1-16x 1-4x 16gb ddr2 1066 support, nice board imo for 85.

    I booted into windows @ 3.4 Ghz dragon, i just bsod after 10 mins of Prime95
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