HD 4670 performance issues - aka broken?

Hello, my brother just bought this card it seemed to be a pretty good value. However it doesn't seem to be working. At first I downloaded the latest driver only, instead of using the cdrom and installed the card. It seemed to go off without a hitch.

But when he loads world of warcraft he doesn't see any increased performance. So that means he gets about 5fps with spikes around 30-60 but on average he will only get 5-15 fps
Computer is running at 1024x768 and we're upgrading from on board video.

After seeing this performance (or lack of) I tried installing using the provided cd-rom instead even though I'm certain I dl'd the latest one from the amd site this morning (8-11_xp32_dd_70226.exe). After using the driver from the cd and rebooting I still have the same performance issue.

The computer itself is pretty decent
Athlon 64 x2 6400+
2gb ram (pc2 6400)
the mobo is ASUS and the card is also ASUS.

All we really want out of this card for him is consistent and decent fps. 30fps or better would be ideal but 5-15 is just ridiculous.

Since this is the same FPS he was getting prior to installing the card it just seems as though something isn't working right. This video card doesn't require (or have) a power connector so we can rule that out.

Here's the exact card.
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  1. is there a chance that you need to slect the card as a default video device?
  2. How would you do that? I've installed video cards in the past and don't ever recall having to do so. OS is XP
  3. First, have you tried other games? Second, to change your video options, go into your bios and choose PCI. Usually, itll automatically switch from on board to PCI, and you may even have a auto option in your bios, even if you do, switch it to PCI.
  4. This is the only game installed on that computer. I just checked the bios and there aren't any options related to video or pci like you suggested.
  5. so I guess maybe I should RMA the card then huh?
  6. download 3dmark06 and run the test to see how well it actually performs before RMAing it
  7. Download a benchmark - 3dmark06 is a good choice. Then post the score that the computer gets.
  8. I don't understand the results they are absolutely horrible. I don't believe a pc with these specs should score so low.
    or try this link http://tinyurl.com/5n2zwv
  9. I can't seem to get the link to work - what are the scores?

  10. I don't know why the url doesn't work, maybe it only lasts a short time. Anyways it was only like 2200. I exported the results to a file from the program. I can't figure out a way to load up the .3dr file that it exported.

    I just uploaded the results from both computers (I ran the test on another computer that has exactly the same hardware except the video card, the other just uses the onboard) and here are the numbers

    3DM Score:2324
    SM2: 1070
    SM3: 1261
    CPU: 433

    Onboard VGA
    3DM Score: 307
    SM2: 109
    SM3: 101
    CPU: 2337

    I will be running the test on a 3rd or maybe 4th identical computer soon. FYI, this is an office at a family business so that's why the pc's are all the same.
  11. ok, theres something funny with the radeon setups cpu score, it's WAY too low. It's like severely throttling down under load, thus killing the 3d performance as well. So there's your problem.

    So, how to solve that...
    First, how's the temperature? download RealTemp, coretemp or similar to find out. also get CPU-Z so you can see what's going on with the cpu...

    or just open her up, clean out the dustbunnies, reseat the heatsink and make sure the fan is spinning and moving air... :D
  12. The computer is only a few months old, it rests on a table not the floor. So there are no dustbunnies... I checked when I was touching the heatsink and it's not very hot to the touch.

    I downloaded Core Temp (real temp said it wouldn't work with my cpu)
    40C-43C @ 0%-8% load on either core.

    On the other pc that doesn't have the video card it was idling at 35c and when I ran our database application it increased to about 38c and each core was 20%-30% load
    This website says operating temp is 55c-63c so mine doesn't seem so bad

    Here are the cpuz results
    www.buggyonpurpose.com/random/Athlon64x2-6400 w-Radeon 4670HD.htm
    www.buggyonpurpose.com/random/Athlon64x2-6400 onboard graphics.htm

    On the other CPU score that got the score of 2337, is that normal? ie, if I had the same cpu score on the pc that does have the video card would I be getting the 30-60 fps like I should?
  13. yeah the over 2000 score is normal, you should get similar score with the radeon setup as well and when you do it will seriously bump up the sm2/3 scores and overall game performance...

    you should really put some more stress on the cpu to get the load temps, like 100% or close. if theres a logging feature on coretemp, leave it open and run 3dmark again OR alternatively download prime95 and use it to stress the cores. You can keep cpu-z open as well, it will refresh itself so you can see in realtime what's happening to the clocks

    and those cpu-z links aren't working for me, the end is missing on both of 'em...
  14. You have to copy and paste the whole url because the spaces make them unclickable.

    I RMA'd the card and I just installed the replacement today. It seems exactly the same. We tried installing it on 2 of the computers (again both are the same specs) one of the other computers has half life 2 on it so I tried running that and we get the same kind of performance.

    ie. 300 fps when idle but then long periods where its' just like 3-4 fps and it seems like the whole thing locks up.

    I was a little dissapointed by the 3dMark score so I installed 3dmark 06 on my home pc which is
    3.2ghz P4 single core of course
    2gb ram
    Radeon X850XT with only 256 ram this card is just as old as the computer and I think it's about 4 years old

    Anyways, the score I got on my home pc was just as crappy,
    928 CPU and 1145 SM 2.0
    I can play world of warcraft, warhammer, half life etc on my computer with ease. Of course the graphics aren't maxed out but they are usually at medium settings for 1280x1024

    The next thing I'll be doing is bringing home his video card and swapping mine out for his after jotting down what FPS I get in various games.
  15. it's not the card, it's the cpu thats bogging down uder load, reseat the heatsink with new thermal paste...
  16. Nobody's mentioned the power supply yet? Granted the HD4670 doesn't use all that much, but if the PSU is really crappy that would explain it.
  17. turboflame said:
    Nobody's mentioned the power supply yet? Granted the HD4670 doesn't use all that much, but if the PSU is really crappy that would explain it.

    This video card doesn't require (or have) a power connector so we can rule that out.

    I think that explains.
  18. Disable cool n quiet if you have it, check your psu, give us some specs, should be on the side label, look for the 12 volt rail wattage and amperage
  19. Hmm. The funny thing about those scores is that the CPU score dropped dramatically with the Radeon. Something isn't right there, and it appears to be CPU related.
  20. It is a wierd one, hopefully the OP will get back with more info
  21. Could be a power issue. PSU/motherboard doesn't supply enough power the the CPU when the HD 4670 is taking out power, but the CPU can run normally when the HD 4670 isn't installed. If that's the case, the PSU needs replaced, with or without the card, you just shouldn't run that close to max load.
  22. ^^^^Exactly what I was thinking. Too much power when GPU and CPU are at full load. Without GPU and using integrated the system has enough power to use.
  23. ^^if you haven't noticed he has 2 similar systems, one with the radeon and the other with integrated...

    it still could be the psu, though... or overheating cpu
  24. The power supplies are exactly the same between the test computers.

    Everything is exactly the same between all these computers except the mouse/keyboard and monitors. So that goes for the case, cdrom, modem and Power Supply. And I have 3 other rigs (that are the same as well) that are identical I can try it on if it comes down to that, but I really don't want to.

    500 Watts this is what it reads on the label

    Orange [30A] | Red [38A] | White [.5A] | Yellow [20A] | Blue [.8A] | Purple [2A] | Black [Return] | Green [Remote] | Gray [P.G.]

    Hopefully you guys can tell I really am trying to put in due diligence in testing the crap out of everything. I will bring the card home tonight and swap out my existing Radeon X850XT 256MB with this one and try playing warcraft, half life and team fortress 2 to see what kind of FPS I get. Personally I don't actually care about the real number just what I perceive when I'm playing. You know... relatively smooth. Then I'll run the benchmark and see how that turns up.

    But keep in mind the Score I got on my home pc are nearly the same as the 2nd computer here that doesn't even have the video card.

    At this point I forget if I had run 3dmark on the 2nd computer with the video card also so that test is running right now. I'll edit this post with the score when it finishes.

    I'm pretty dissapointed. Even though I built these computers for our office without gaming in mind. I would have expected to get 25-30 FPS in world of warcraft or half life on modest settings. The performance I am getting now just doesn't seem right.
  25. If I get the color scheme, thats 20 Amps on the 12 volt, which is low. Not sure about the rest tho
  26. Here are the results of 3dMark on the 2nd computer with the replacement card.

    3DM Score 1787
    SM2 1036
    SM3 696
    CPU 359

    I ran the test a second time this time with core temp running so I could log the temp

    55c was the highest temp at 100% load

    3DM Score 1559
    SM2 760
    SM3 701
    CPU 341

    Clearly the CPU score is significantly lower with the radeon card in. I will run the 3dmark test on the original computer now that it doesn't have the card installed and see if I can get similar results. And also I will install this card on my computer at home and see what happens.
  27. Okay well the verdict is in. The Video card is definitely not the problem as I just ran the bench mark on my computer at home with it and everything was great. playing real games gave me fps that I was comfortable with. and my 3dm score was actually almost twice as good compared to my existing video card ATI Radeon X850 XT.

    So now we just have to figure out what the deal is at my work. Is there a test that I can run that will really tell me if it is the PSU without first replacing the psu? Before I left work I set 3dmark to run on both of the pc's since they didnt have the video card installed. I'll post those results tomorrow.
  28. SOLVED
    I just contacted AMD support and it turns out that the motherboard only supplies 95 watts to the CPU and the Athlon6400 x2 requires 125. So this is why I'm getting such a crap CPU score on 3dmark. According to the rep I just spoke with I should be getting at least 4k CPU score alone with this cpu.
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