best upgrade options?

My computer is currently as seen in my siggie below.

For $250 or so, would it be best to upgrade to an e84/8500 processor?

Or, would it be better to get a 4870?

I'm looking to increase performance in crysis/warhead.

My worry is that the performance will not make that much of a difference w/ a new gfx card because the proc is crap (even though it's at 3 GHz).
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  1. What sort of performance "increase" are u hoping to get in Crysis. I mean u might be thinking unrealistically when it comes to that game.
    On all max w/ my 9800GX2 i get 60-100 indoors at times (100 is rare) and outside it bombs to 30-60 but still playable for me (just turn the lights off :P)

    If u want to buy now....i say get the 4870. That Proc is decent especially for that OC
  2. get the 4870...that proc is not too bad at 3.0ghz...u can even try going a bit higher say is very doable
  3. Changing to an E8400 won't help in most games... the 3850 will hold you back more.

    4870 and new cpu down the road :)
  4. Alright, i'll go for the 4870 then.

    To Silverion:
    I am definitely not looking for super performance - i just don't want to play at high/medium settings to get the game to run well.
  5. ah then go with the 4870 ull be very happy
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