Hard-Disk Decision (a lil crucial)

Hi all about me..!

AMD phenom 9950 quad core (2.6 GHz)
4 GB DDR 2
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB

My Current Storage (2x 1TB WD External) (1x 1TB seagate Internal)

OS is Windows 7,,

Dont know for some reason, after change from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7,,,
Feel my HDD needs a change..

I want to go for the best one, and i have issue with slow transfers..!

Too many in market and not able to choose one.!
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  1. I do not see any need to change your HDD. 2TB is perfectly OK
  2. Are you talking about slow transfers to the external drives? If so, and if the external drives use USB 2.0, you might want to think about switching them to eSATA or USB 3.0 - that will make a big difference in transfer speeds.
  3. No, the problem is with the 1x 1TB internal SATA Seagate drive, the transfers are too slow..!
  4. Without knowing anything about the drive, question is hard to answer....

    Is it a 7200.12 ?
  5. yeah 7200 RPM 32mb cache..
  6. So how slow are the transfers?
  7. around 20 MB/sec are the current transfers..! with approx 631 GB free space in it..!
  8. If you're copying files from and to the same drive, that's probably a reasonable transfer rate. Remember that you're reading 20MB/sec from one file and writing 20MB/sec to the other for a total of 40MB/sec. On top of that the head will have to keep seeking back and forth between the two of them.
  9. oops, i never thought of that, i thought it was the problem with my driver and needed a change lol.!

    Thanks sminlal..!
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