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I plan on overclocking my amd phenomII x4 940 be and i purchased a core contact freeze 120mm cooler and i have planed on adding a second fan that i have laying around to it so i can have one pulling and one pushing. i have a fan that moves more air then the stock one. was wondering if there was a difference between having the better fan pushing or pulling.

forgot to add BE but that dont mean much in the situation
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  1. hiya mattidallama,
    im not sure what case you have but on my build, a phenom II x2 550be and NZXT Gamma case I added the higher 52 cfm fan exhaust at the rear and moved the original 45 cfm fan in front as an intake.
    It helped greatly with the case cooling.
    Make sure you minimize obstructions like cabling and hard drives if you can.
    I hope this helps

  2. I have a NZXT nemisis case and i was hoping to add two fans directly to the ccf heatsink one to push air one to pull. i was thinking it i set the better fan as the push i would get turbulence because the second fan would not be pulling enough air as the first one was pushing. but this is all in theory i have not tried it yet and was hoping some one was online that has set something like this up.
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    I just added the same HSF to mine a little while ago and I can say that the Core Contact Freezer for my purposes does not need another fan.

    I also now have a total of 4 fans on my case, 1 intake front bottom, 3 exhaust (1 rear, 2 top,) and have the side grill unobstructed which draws in alot of air!!

    Theres my temps.
    I'm pretty pleased with the cpu oc'd at 3.4
  4. Im sorry, i thought you were talking about a case fan in your original post, my mistake not yours.
    I have read about others adding a fan on the other side of this same hsf with cable ties.
    I would think that having 2 mismatched cfm fans, in my opinion anyways, I would place the higher cfm fan on the exhaust side, just like you would on a case.
    But again, thats my 2 pennies worth.
  5. ya i was hoping to get as much cooling as possible. but i might just invest in moding my case to have a fan on the top i dont use the usb and mic attachment and was thinking if the case dont look weird with out the top piece i might just make a hole for a fan up there to get rid of some heat.
  6. ya thats my goal just not sure which fan to put as which one.
  7. Man thats a sweet looking case, it would be a shame to pop a hole in the top!!!
    But it would probably look decent with a nice fan guard on it.
  8. ya the top part of the case is not used because it sits higher then the desk so the top is out of reach for plugging in so i just us the ones on the back
  9. so jhandley i guess ill give you the best reply even tho i could not really get a complete answer but thanks for the help. hopefully i can have fun overclocking this guy this weekend. ill post and show you temps and speeds
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  11. I've got another black fan grill, too, that we can install this weekend if you decide to put the fan there. Heck, I've even got the extra fans!
  12. ya im tempted to rip out that stupid top part just need to see if its black underneath the plastic cover. sucks having comp at your place. btw you on gmail easier to talk there haha
  13. well thanx for selecting mine as the best answer anyway!!!!!
    Its a first on this forum, lol!
    I really have nothing but good things to say about this core contact freezer!
    I have my processor overclocked to 3.5 ghz and its cool as the north pole.
    Good luck with the case mod, if you do it I dont think youll need the extra fan on the hsf.
  14. im hoping for high 3s so i think it the cpu is stable then my main issue will be keeping it cool so the more air flow i can get the better and then i keep my amd happy.
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