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Hi my problem is i have a dell gx270 ive looked at the power supply connector that plugs into the motherboard and its a standard atx power supply my problem is the new power supply Iv looked at has a white -5 volts wire in pin 18 and mine dont . I have read that older power supplys used the white wire in pin 18 .so if i removed it will this be a problem. My guess is its just a -5v cable and removing it will be fine lol.........................boo0oom..... but id like to have it confirmed by someone who knows about this sort of thing thanks in advance for any help
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  1. one post was enough...
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  3. lol, yeah, it's a bad day here on tom's for spam.

    Hello I from london but english=poor


    crazy kids. you would have thought they'd know by now that a website with hardware in the name is gonna be visited by more tech savvy users who won't clikc their link!
  4. mi1ez said:
    Hello I from london but english=poor


  5. I do even think leaving it would be a problem. Even boards that do not use the -5 can still work with a power supply with that wire.

    Point in case, just for you i plugged my old bestek 250 watt psu into my GX260(closest and only dell i have to play with. think it has the same board too). The computer boots and works fine.

    No cable cutting or removing.


    My ANTEC TP 380s does NOT allow ye olde Dell to start, but does not hurt it. The system just flashes the power light indicating a power problem. So there may still be a chance of it not wanted to start. Guess its gonna be a luck of the draw or attempt to see if cutting a wire helps. If it DOES help, post back to let me know.
  6. Don't worry. If the motherboard does not use the -5 volt output present on the PSU main power connector, that pin on the motherboard will not be connected to anything.
  7. lol dont leave me like that its like a time bomb lol did it work when you cut the white wire or do u think it could just be the psu you used
  8. cheers jsc makes sence it not going anywhere ill post back with the results if i have tears in my eyes you will know it didnt work lol................................
  9. I wouldn't cut the wire. I've never tried, but I'm sure you can pull the wire out of the harness just as you could with any other molex connector.
  10. well it worked i put a 500w std atx 20 psu in my dell gx270 and a x1950gt agp card and it was ok. it messed about at first with some beeping so was almost in tears but got it sorted in the end but i think the pc is to slow as my fps in games didnt inprove much at all so next its a mobo and processor loooool
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