A tiny annoying problem.

When I plug in my headphones on my new computer there are some weird things that happen. When I play games the sound is fine, but there is a crackling in the background. This does not happen in desktop. When I scroll up or down on a page its starts crackling as well, but if I scroll the scroll wheel on something that doesn't scroll nothing happens. It also crackles if I drag the scroll bar. Its not that big of a problem but It is really annoying.

My sound is integrated in my ASUS P5QL PRO P43.

Can someone suggest a solution.


My speakers, (which are plugged into the back panel) have a headphone jack in them. When I plug my headphones in that jack they don't make the sounds, but still work. It is something with my connecters.

My computer has a Legacy connector and a HDA connector. My mobo supports both. Later I will put in the legacy to see if that helps.

Do you see what could be the problem?
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  1. I would say it's the headphone connection on your case that's the problem.
  2. +1
  3. I also just noticed that it does it even when my I mute the output. It is something weird.
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