Wanted to know what to SSD Drives in 80-GB size plus will perform best read/write in Raid-0 config in my new HP-180T Desktop which came with RAID-0 Config with Two SATA- 7200-rpm drives. Should I also up-grade the RAID controller to somthing better then the one it came with from HP, Will I note faster/better performance by upgrading the RAID card to Run my Two SSD drives in RAID-0
Or should I just keep / use the RAID set-up this HP 180T came with
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  1. Myself, I would just go with a single SSD for your operating system Plus programs and relagate your HDD to storage of your files and data. You would see a BIG boost in performance.

    As to using a pair of SSDs in Raid0 configuration. Good boost to sequential read/write performance (May need Sata6 to get full benifit, not sure). But only a small increase in the more important 4K read/write area. Also in Raid0 you lose the Trim support provided in Win 7, You can offset this by manually running an equivalent program periodically.
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