I5 750 best cooler for overclocking?

hey guys i just recently bought this motherboard and cpu, i plan on doing a little bit of overclocking on the cpu. what do you guys think would be a good cooler at a good price for that? thx


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  1. I don't see that board as having much in the way of overclocking ability.

    Given that budget is an obvious consideration, I'd look at the Xigmatec Balder

  2. Well for that motherboard, you won't need a good cooler because i doubt it will be able to supply stable voltage to your CPU anyway, it looks crappy. I don't see how overclocking to a noticeable level is possible. But hey you never know. I'd get a CM hyper 212+ or something similar.
  3. yah o know what you mean but ive read alot of reviews from the board and they say there are some overclocking options but not very many i think it just has a multiplier and some other stuff but if it is able to do some good overclocking what would be a good oc for stock voltage?

    here is a little review of overclocking on this board

  4. But thing is, the brand name and price. Its not expensive and doesn't come from the best/most popular brands that makes motherboards for those sockets. When you buy a board that cheap, you need conisder ratio's, it might be amazing at overclocking but the chances can be 1:1000...If you tell me your entire budget for the system and the hardware you need, maybe i can help fit a better motherboard in there to make a noticeable and better overclock and overall higher quality board.
  5. well i dont plan on going to high just like 3.3 or a little higher until i can round up some more cash for a high end mobo i only plan on spending about 110 more for the ram and maybe a good heatsink. Do you think its posible on that board here is my specs as of now

    antec 650 watt psu
    gtx 260 core 216
    ecs p55h-a motherboard (just got it at my door, from newegg today)
    i5 750 2.6ghz (will be here tomorow)
    g.skill ripjaws 4gb (2 x 2gb) ddr3 (plan on buing from newegg next week)

  6. That ram looks fine, i mean hardware is different, you never know, anything can be possible, you can discover your CPU is jackin the clocks up to 4.0 or your cpu can't even get past 3.0. We'll see once you try i guess :).
  7. I wouldn't touch an ECS board again with a 10 foot pole. My first was delivered DOA. The replacement was obviously used and wouldn't post at anything faster than 20Mhz. (The chip I was using was a Pentium 90Mhz.) I sent that back and got one with a broken CPU socket lever, so the chip couldn't be locked in. The 4th was my original board. (I even checked the serial number.) Again, that one wouldn't even post.

    I've heard many other tales like this from other people. I think their policy on defective boards is to keep trading boards other people have sent in as defective until you give up.

    You have about a 6 in 10 chance of getting one that will last a year or more, from my experiences. If you get a bad one, be prepared to write it off and buy a new one.
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