I got a problem, in the BIOS it shows the HDD ,but when it goes to boot it says: media failure - it means HDD not connected check the cables.What should i do?I have checked the HDD its well connected.
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  1. I haven't personally dealt with anything like this, but from the little bit of research I did, your problem might be that you have PXE enabled in the BIOS. All of the error reports that I found with this message had to do with PXE, which is a network boot standard, and so I'm guessing that if you disable PXE in the BIOS it will boot from your local drive. At least look in your motherboard manual and see if they give any instructions for dealing with PXE.
  2. I got very limited BIOS features. I have Network boot disabled already .
  3. This looks like a good step-by-step for the error:
  4. I am going to get a XP CD tomorrow il try the repair , i have tried everything else, but you can still reccomand anything
    Sorry for bad english :(
  5. Your english is actually pretty good :) (at least better than many others on this forum)
    The only thing that I can think of that isn't on the list is that I always set my HDD as the first boot device. However, this will not make any difference because you have already checked to make sure that the floppy and CD drives are empty. Of course I'm assuming that you only have one HDD, but I think that's fairly safe, and that you would know what to do if you had more.
  6. Its a laptop so theres no floppy drive. :(
  7. OK, that shouldn't be an issue either way.
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