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I was using my computer this morning when all of a sudden it became really laggy for no particular reason. So I decided to restart my computer, only to have this blue screen Unmountable_boot_volume error.

I searched online for a fix, which told me to access Windows Recovery Console on my computer. But when I tried to run the Recovery Console from my startup options, I received the same message.

Could anyone give me advice as to what to do next? Should I try to find the windows installation disk and then run Recovery Console? Should I go into BIOS? Will I have to buy a new hard drive?

This is the worst time this could have happened, I just finished some important work that I unfortunately did not back up right away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It is highly possible that only MBR is corrupt and Windows Recovery Console has a fix for that, but it must be installed and you need to run (your cd drive letter) Z:\Winnt32.exe /cmdcons to install it.
    The other option is to attempt to install windows which will create a directory windows.0 and documents & settings with users.0. You can change the boot.ini directory from windows.0 to windows from msconfig, delete the new directories and restart. Thus you keep only the mbr & partition fix. If you got that far, it's not an HD problem. Backup your data anyways and check with mfg. scanning software for HD problems, then look for virii/spyware/rootkits.
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