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I'm having problems with HP D530 COM2. It has IDC connection for COM2 port. About a week ago I installed cable and it worked fine, but later it stopped working. Windows does not even recognize that there is COM2, it says that its address is conflicting with device Motherboard recourses, even that both Motherbord recourses devices IO addresses starts from about D400, and COM port is 2E8 or someting like that.

I don't know which Windows update or program installation broke that system. There is no any virtual com ports or program that created comports. I have updated BIOS and chipset drivers but that did not help.

BIOS does not show anywhere COM2. I have used all tricks that I have found. I have checked that there is no infrared or smartcard devices, and I'm 99% sure that any of those does not exist.

Computer has also LPT1 port on motherboard and PCI card with two LPT ports. Also two COM ports are on other PCI card (VSCOM). Both was connected when everything worked one week ago.

I have not seen that kind of problems anywhere. Perhaps I should test aso with Linux if it could recognize all ports.

Does anybody know how to get COM2 working again?

ps. I put this to Windows XP category because everyting was once working without problems.
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  1. Is Com 2 on motherboard or PCI card ? What caused Com2 to stop working, the installation of PCI card with more Com ports ?
    BIOS does have settings for onboard LPT and COM ports, check your manual on how to get to them.
    In windows, see if you can change values for IRQ and Address on ports conflicting.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for your advice.

    Any hardware is not added to system after last time when I saw system as working. Only Windows updates and Office 2003 with updates has been installed. COM1 and COM2 are on motherboard. COM3 and COM4 are on VSCOM PCI card. LPT1 is on motherboard and LPT2 and LPT3 are on other PCI card.

    That computer is not mine so I don't get information on realtime about problems. I heard that there was some problems with hardware (not printer) that was connected to LPT port. Both PCI LPT ports was removed and then Windows installed them again to other addresses. But problem was not in those ports but problem was in INI file of the program that controls that special device on LPT port. As far as I understand after that it was noticed that COM2 is not working but I think that it may be stopped also before because I did not test COM ports after I installed Office and updates from Microsoft update.

    I have checked that those LPT ports addresses are not near COM2 or motherbord resources addresses.

    The Windows conflict error is something very strange. As I wrote on last message it says that IO addresses conflict but those addresses are not even near each other. I don't understand what that means. I have configured many system but not ever seen so strange.

    I have checked BIOS many times and it does not show COM2 settings anywhere. That is HP computer with OEM motherboard so finding motherboard manual is mostly impossible. If somebody knows where to download motherboard manual for HP D530 please tell me.

    I've just gave up and I will recommend to buy new COM port card to PCI bus if user needs more COM ports. It is most easy way to continue now.

    I think that I can already check in Linux how COM ports are working. If both motherboard COM ports are not working there then it wouldn't be Windows problem.
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