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I'm planning to buy a AM HSF for my Intel Xeon X3440 cpu. The motherboard EVGA P55 LE can support both 1156 and 775 socket heatsinks. I'm looking for a heatsink that comes with fans and under $45. I was looking in to a N520 which is $44. But I'm not sure which heatsink to go with. I'd like to try and hit 4.0GHz on air if possible but probably to hit 4.0GHz I'd probably need water.
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  1. you have a few choices to go with the N520 is a decent option as well as the core contact freezer 120, which runs 39.99 on newegg. the Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus runs 34.99 at newegg as well.also check out and see if you like any of those but most of them are more then 45 dollars but close so might be worth the investment
  2. thats the one i wanted a few weeks ago when i got my core contact freezer. it gorgious and is reviewed to do a great job at keeping the cpu cold might have to get it my self.
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    btw if you dont get 4 with that cooler you will get very close. im talking like real close. good luck and keep me updated on what you get it up to when all is said and done.
  4. now just gotta hope I can fit the bloody thing in ;) and I will do. With pics also ;)
  5. okay don't mean to double post, now I'm checking for size to make sure it will fit. I have an evga p55 le mobo. the case width in 7 7/8's inches in depth there is a 80mm fan in front of the cpu on the cases door panel. Just making sure the heatsink can fit.
  6. well the tuniq is just under 6 inches from top to bottom so you should be good but its goin to be a tight fit against the fan on top.
  7. Well I couldn't get the extra $20 for the Tuniq so I settled with the Hyper 212+ :( oh well I can later go and get the Extreme version. Sorry :(
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