Replacing Coolit Freezone (not elite) with Cooler Master V10

My Coolit Freezone is dying and it's time to either replace the pump/fan with something better or switch to the cooler master v10. The cost in parts to replace the pump/fan would be around $140. Not to mention the time involved in doing so. Also, with the Freezone, I'm able to only achieve an idle of 40 and a load of 60.

Should I modify the freezone or replace it with the cooler master v10?
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  1. The V10 is a joke,

    I would rip out anything that has to do with water and replace with a decent air cooler. If that is not an option then do what psycho suggested...

    At 4Ghz my quad idles at 29c and maxes out at 45c (AIR)
  2. The TEC's are probably worthless in that system... what are they 100w? :lol:

    ^ I agree thoguh, the V10 sucks.
  3. The problem with the V10 is the price and footprint, once installed you can't do squat when it is time to work around on the board unless you remove it and that is not an option for most. The good thing about the V10 is that you can use it as a weapon :lol:
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