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I installed windows 7 on a brand new hard drive. I currently have windows XP on my old hard drive. I want to use that xp drive for storage. I am unable to format the drive from computer management under admin tools. I also tried the M-Dos format command and the context menu from my computer. Neither are able to format the drive.

Here is the error I get from disk management...---"Windows cannot format the system partition on this disk"

through my computer it says...------"Windows was unable to complete the format"

and through M-Dos it says....------"system partition is not allowed to be formatted."

What should I do?

Thanks :)
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  1. Have you tried doing it by placing the drive in an external thingie like this ?
  2. How would that make a difference?
  3. If you really want to get rid of any old data on the HDD and start fresh, I would recommend you use Disk Management to go to that HDD unit and Delete all its Partitions. Then create a new Primary Partition (not bootable - just for data storage) that uses all the available disk space. Then Format that new Partition, choosing the NTFS File system and a Full Format (will take HOURS!) to be sure any sectors with errors are detected and marked off.
  4. ^I nominate best answer^
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