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I've noticed my SSDs have been dragging arse. I currently run 2 64GB patriot torqx drives in a RAID 0. I wish to wipe the disk and rebuild the array. If I write zero's to is using a program meant for traditional HDDs will it effectively reset the disk to "new" status?

Until now I've been deleting the all the data in another PC and running a TRIM to make sure all the sectors are marked unused but after testing it shows that it does not properly restore performance.

I will post more accurate info when I get back from work.
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    TRIM doesn't get passed through the RAID controller to the drive so that's probably why you're having the problem.

    Writing 0's to the drive will not help. What you need to do is to use a utility that performs a "secure erase" to the drive - at least that's what triggers the the Intel drives to reset the write status on all the flash memory cells, and I assume that it would do the same for the Patriot. Intel provides a utility to do this for their drives, you can probably find a utility by Googling.

    I'm not sure, but I'm guessing you'd have to remove the drives from the RAID set and run the program directly against the bare drive in order for it to be effective.
  2. yes I usually break the raid 0 stick the drives in another pc, delete all the data then perform a trim. I know TRIM doesn't happen on RAID'ed SSD.

    Thanks, I'll look for a secure erase program for my drives. I've only seen it do a secure erase when updating the firmware. I will post again with results.
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