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I am using a Q6600 on an Asus P5KC ip35 motherboard (1333Mhz max FSB). 4Gb DDR2 Ram 800Mhz and installed an ATI 5770 1Gb DDR5 Graphics card.

This is my first shot at overclocking and though the Q6600 is meant to an easy OC, don't want to mess it up. Going to install an all-in-one Water cooler..would either of these do the job ok? :

http://www.overclockers.co.uk/show [...] =HS-000-CI
http://www.overclockers.co.uk/show [...] 32&subcat=


If not going to purchase a Zalman


Will I see much difference in performance water cooling vs lapped Zalman

Also, what other elements of the MOBO do i need to cool...northbridge? Which fan is best for this? I cannot locate this. there are 2 elements linked with a heat pipe on my MOBO :

http://www.prestigioplaza.com/prod [...] /Asus/P5KC

Any help appreciated

(Also I have read several guides...but what is the MAX temp the CPU should run at. And what is a GOOD temp for it to run at)


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  1. GOOD Temp is anything below 60*c @ load, max should be 70*c @ load.

    Currently mine is overclocked to 3.6, i top off @ 65*c load and usually right around 60*c average. Using the Xigmatek HDT s1283 (with retention bracket)

    Never used liquid for anything as i have not had a reason as of late...

    FYI, i have my VCore @ 1.39 in BIOS, reports as 1.375 in CPU-Z
  2. Hi,

    Can't seem to find that cooler anywhere. Would this one suffice ?


    I would like to overclock to 3.2 initially...seems well documented

    How did you overclock to 3.6?

    I am guessing the ram will need changing first as at present it runs at 800Mhz...

    Thinking £70 for 6Gb of DDR3 (of a friend) would be a worthy investment.


  3. the DDR2 800 RAM you have is fine, that is what i use.

    here is the heatsink/Bracket that i was talking about. As for the one you posted, i am not sure if that is a good one or not.



    Overclocking to 3.6 had alot to do with luck, i think i just got one of the good Q6600 CPU's that allowed for OC headroom. Not all CPU's are the same, but 3.2 should be relitavely easy.
  4. basically the settings i have for the 3.6 OC is as follows:

    Changes i made in the BIOS

    FSB = 400
    multiplier = 9
    Vcore = 1.39
    DRAM voltage = 1.9

    I made the other changes like turning off speedstep and such, but that is all defined in this article

  5. Ok fantastic this has helped alot. So we have now addressed the issue with cooling the CPU

    What about the northbridge?

    (and which element is it on my board....see pic on link above)

    Many thanks!


  6. the link does not work for me, but anyhow, i did not even touch any northbridge settings at all with my overclock, not sure if you will need to on yours, but i did not have to on mine.
  7. just make sure to keep the FSB / RAM ratio @ 1:1 and you should be fine. If it were me, i would slowly attempt 400 FSB with an 8x multiplier, that will get you 3.2 and keep the temps on the lower side.
  8. But this chip is a x9 multiplier. How would I make it only run on x8 ?

    Still reading through the guide at present (the v1.6.1 - soooo helpful)

    My RAM has no coolers

    I only asked about northbridge as I have been warned this is likely to overheat...but you're saying this will only be an issue if I start pushing high FSB (i.e. too much for the RAM to handle DDR2 800Mhz = 400Mhz single channel = FSB)
  9. in the BIOS you can lower the multiplier from 9 to 8.

    you cannot go any higher than 9 though, but you can lower it down to 3 or something.

    if you have your FSP for the CPU @ 400, it will be equal to the 800 speed of the RAM.

    DDR2 = 400 x 2 = 800

    in this case, your FSB /RAM ratio will be 1:1

    Since your RAM is rated @ DDR2 - 800, that means you don't have to overclock it.
  10. jonpaul37 said:
    basically the settings i have for the 3.6 OC is as follows:

    Changes i made in the BIOS

    FSB = 400
    multiplier = 9
    Vcore = 1.39
    DRAM voltage = 1.9

    My settings are similar- 3.6 GHz (400 X 9), vcore = 1.425 volts, DDR2 RAM at 2.0 volts, TRUE, Antec 900 case.
    24 hour Prime95 stable, load temps 61 C - 66 C.

    Unless you get a really sucky chip 3.3 GHz (367 MHz X 9) should be fairly easy to reach, even with a mediocre cooler.
  11. is there really that much variation in manufacture process that you get a 'good' and 'bad' chip?

    just purchased a xigmatek dark night with 89CFM fan. going to lag it along with the cpu and attach with arctic silver. then upgrade case fan to match. attaching cooling fans to north and southbridge (with already has hs with heat pipe).

    any other tips before i start the OC?

    anyone know a good place to get an acrylic case?

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