Changed my mind, want to build something in December added needs

Ok some of you might of read my previous post, I have since changed my mind, I do not really want to wait that long. So I was wondering if it makes sense to build an 8 core system rather than wait for i7 prices to go down when they release it. Come December Im sure quads are going to be less expensive.

Even though I have ditched windows a long time ago, I think its time to use it along side my Mac Book Pro, since I cannot justify dropping another 3k on a laptop.

Now, since I will be using my home built system as an all in system for gaming/video encoding/ picture processing of RAW dSLR photos/ safe storage with RAID 1 for pictures and projects here and there. I am guessing it makes sense to go with an 8 core build.

1) I have a 720p 50 (I get good resolution using my MBP) inch plasma tv in my bedroom which would be 6-9 ft away from my PC. Is there anyway I can hook up my TV with my PC using a coaxial cable output or some other form of output, or im guessing getting a 12ft HDMI cable and using an adapter DVI-HDMI.

2) I am guessing its worth it to ditch XP and go with VISTA (I get either for free from school) so price of OS is not an issue.

3) How would I benefit from 2 Video cards. Or just go with a high end video card? (Suggestions for a video card appreciated)

4) Suggestions for a Raid controller card or just use one with mobo?

5) Im going with at least 1300 fsb for components. so make sense to also get DDR RAM?

6) Should I use Raid 1 for whole system or 2 drives for raid 1 and one drive for booting and software processing. I guess not using raid 1 for whole system defies purpose of raid 1.

Note) Regarding budget I can justify going up to 2k or getting whatever I can now then add later. But it might be harder to decide because Mac Pro I was looking at costs 2800 so do not want to be close to this price.

Thank you for everybody who is in the process of suggesting something and who suggested something in my previous post.
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  1. It's not so easy to get everything you want in one package at a reasonable price.

    You want a server board for dual LGA 771 sockets... but those are not gaming boards and will only have one PCI-E slot at best, and may not be very compatible with a mainstream graphics card anyway, so you will need a workstation card....

    See where I'm going? If you lose the idea of 8 cores it gets a lot easier and a lot less expensive.

    The only 8 core all-in-one solution I have for you is Skulltrail:
  2. I guess I should of done some research about 8 cores before talking about it. I did some quick searching after reading your post and it does not look like there are good possibilities for dual sockets.

    I suppose I will have to ditch the 8 core idea and go for quad core. The added cost and limited options does not seem to be worth it.

    Thanks for that clarification.
  3. NP. The two links in my sig would point you towards a Q9550 build or some such, depending on your budget.

    In fact, here is a complete build list I recently updated:
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