My PSU has just blown up.

I installed new ram today, and the computer detected it fine. A few hours later it started making a burning smell. i re-opened my computer and checked it over. The smell seemed to be coming from the PSU. I plugged it back in and checked the running tempreture. Nothing unusual. Not too long after it practically exploded, smoke and such coming out the back.

Firstly, would it be related to installing new ram? (i wouldn't have thought so, in which case, was it just a coincidence?)

Would the blow out have destroyed other components or is it just a case of getting a new PSU
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  1. Have you got the specification of your pc, like what motherboard, cpu, graphics, ram you had, ect, then what PSU was it (watts !) just to give us a idea, what kind a load was on the PSU.
  2. It was this pre-build packard bell about two years old:

    I've opened it up several times with no problems, and installed RAM many times. The ram installed was recommended by Crucial for the system. PC5300 DDR2 Two 1Gb Sticks
  3. Is it worth trying to turn it again, despite it blowing out smoke and taking down all the house electrics?

    Is it just a game of chance now whether the motherboard is broken or not? There's quite a lot of conflicting viewpoints online
  4. DDR2 ?. Im no expert on that motherboard but Im pretty sure it isn`t ment to use DDR2, it should be something like DDR 400 or 333 or 266, and there should only be 2 slots for a max of 2 GB.
    Seems like they gave you the wrong advise on that ram > PC5300 DDR2, but I could be wrong see what some of the other guys say on here first,
    if it is the wrong Ram, try putting your old ram back in to see if it works, because it may not be that the PSU blew up, if something smokes in the pc it normally allways comes out of the back because the fan sucks it that way, so the new ram you put in may have been smoking.
  5. Ok, well that must have been the wrong motherboard :(. I'm pretty sure the RAM was fine. the exact model was i-media 1508/2 just checked it. I'll post real link now...

  6. looks like i've put in too much ram. Will that have caused perminant damage?

    Should i try turning it on again?
  7. Ignore my statement about the RAM it's fine. Checked over the motherboard and i cant see any burns or anything unusual.

    Looks like i just need a new PSU, the one i was running was only a 250W!
  8. Looks like it couldn't handle the extra ram, getting a 450W power supply on the way from a friend. He hopes nothing is destroyed like hard-drive etc
  9. Ok this thread is poor, plrease ignore it, and give me a hand by looking at my other one please :)
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