8800GTS 512 issue


My rig is now 2years knocking on 3 years old and im starting to notice my FPS is becomming notiable low playing new games on high settings.

I read this atrical on how to oc my GFX card here is the link

I installed the lastest NVIDIA windows 7 64bit drivers and used the nvidia tool to OC my shaders core and memory clock to the following

[Geforce 8800GTS 512mb in sli G92chip]

Core 804 memory clock 1080 shaders 2010

This is what the artical said was to be the max stable speeds

My GPU temps at idel are about 45 and at max load are about 70-80

When ever i run a game it runs fine for a while then the game either crashes or keeps going black screene for a few seconds before resusimg.

Can anyone help me please thanks
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  1. First of all, EVERY piece of hardware (whether it be a video card or a CPU) is different. Just because one person can reach a certain limit with their video card, it does not mean that you will be able to reach that same limit, or perhaps you could go higher...

    In this case, i would test in small increments, start with the GPU speed, keep raising the speed by 5 and test for a little bit, once you test and have issues, bump it down about 10 or so. Then start with the video memory, do the same thing, start low & slow, testing each time...
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