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trying to overclock my athlon II X4 630 with amd overdrive, at max cpu load for an hour the temp gets no higher than 49 C. It seems to be completley stable, is it okay with this max temp? Also is it okay that I am doing this with a stock heatsink fan? if anyone has overclocked this chip in a similar configuration let me know what your results were. stock clock was at 2.8 and I think i have successfully raised it to 3.0. Final question: is it okay to run fan 0 at 80% constantly with manual control?
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  1. "The maximum TDP of the processor is 95 watts with a voltage range of 0.925v to 1.425v and a maximum operating temperature of 71C degrees."

    *the 620 & 630 differ by x1 of the multiplier

    so, you are well within the limits of your CPU, and you can deff. go much higher.
    Even for non-overclockers, i never recommend the stock fan/heatsink. They are not as reliable as the aftermarket products and don't do anywhere near as good of a job
    You can run the fan at 100% if you don't mind the noise.

    the tweaking you've done will have a minuscule effect on the lifespan of the product. you won't notice it
  2. Thank you very much for the information.
  3. np

    hope all works out well.
    you should be able to OC your proc. even more
    don't be scared to increase the voltage by a little bit. There are many threads here detailing how to do that
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