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My computer had worked fine until this happened. I have 4 total HD's in my computer, 2 WD 74GB 10000RPM drives which are my system and utilities drives, and 2 of the Seagate 500GB drives, one for games and one for storage. Today my computer failed to recognize my system drive. I noticed in the BIOs that the computer was only detecting my second 74GB drive (because it wouldn't boot) and one of my 500GB drives. I slowly began to move around the connections to see if maybe my SATA controllers were out but they were fine. What I did find was when my games drive is connected I get the error where it doesn't detect my drives, but if I unplug it, the other three drives post fine. Is there something that could be causing it? Is there a way to check if my games drive is bad?

I would really like to retrieve the data, if I have to buy another drive I accept that, but the data on there while not crucial is important. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Get Hiren's boot cd..it has live xp for normal recovery & HDD,CPU & has lot of system tools

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