Need help overclocking to 3.5GHz

Hello i got a athlon x4 620 with a biostar ta790gx a3+, the cpu is running very happy at 3.25Ghz at this time with only 1.328v (i think i got a good chip cause it came with stock volts at 1.260 :D), My HT is perfect on 2000, my DDR3 is running at its rated speed of 1333MHz and my NB is at 2500.

I got a aftermarket cooler (Coolermaster Hyper TX3) and i really want to push this athlon to 3.5Ghz problem is though, as soon as i take the fsb to 260 i can boot but my screen is fuzzing with weird patterns and colours, so i upped the vcore to 1.360 and still done it, so i upped the NB with 0.20v and still done it. (Note i did drop the ram speed and the HT to compensate.)

Its stable at 3.25Ghz (so said prime95 for 7 hours, LinX at 150 passes, OCCT linpack for 1 hour and OCCT for 4 hours) but cant go higher, is there anything im missing? anything i can try? (note that i cant change my NB multi cause bios dont give option.)

(current temps are 49*c at full load under Linpack, 46*c under prime95)
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    The 620 is a processor with lock multiplier, I think that you can't get more that 3.2GHz or 3.3GHz.
  2. I'd try dropping the northbridge multiplier, it may not like going over 2500 regardless of how much voltage you throw at it.
  3. Is there a program i can use to drop the NB multi? my bios doesnt give the option to do it.

    im sure i can get much more from this chip, if the following is true >

    then 3.5Ghz should be a breeze, although toms only got it to where i am, but i've seen other articles also claim they made it past 3.5Ghz
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