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I'm finally in the market for a good sound card. So far the main one I've been looking at is the AuzenTech X-Fi Prelude.

The cheaper the better, but I defiantly want a quality sound card. I will mostly be using it for gaming, but I'll also be using it for listening to music from time to time.

Right now I'm dual booting Vista 64bit and Windows 7 Beta 64bit (I know, vista sucks and windows 7 is stlll beta... but both have better support than XP 64bit)... so the card will have to have solid 64bit driver support.
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  1. vista does not suck - it rocks - why?

    vista sucks when compared on like machines but when you slap it on a i7 at 4ghz it rips it up. plus you have better self defrag, built in partition built in back up like ghost - way better security - even better if uac is left on

    vista is great - ok fine you have to restart your machine once in a while but most the magor usb and sleep issues have improved

    i run vista since rc-2 and got rid of xp systems as service pack 1 - its ready for prime time

    as far 64bit go to the 64bit sites for products and look it up - that is how you do it - yes you can look at the newegg reviews and you should

    $175 is steep you must have very golden ears!
  2. windows 7 is fine but its security is laps - remember that and you compromise your entire machine run a dual boot beta

    unplug the vista and data back up - if you got it a dual raid volume i be-careful on the net
  3. thats true about vista not being bad when run on a good enough machine. but taking up almost 1.5GB of RAM while idling is pretty bad, and I don't even have many background programs running.
    Also, thanks for the tips about the windows 7 beta.

    Back on the topic though...I'm not a massive audiophile, but I do want my games to sound good. I'll admit $175 is defiantly a steep price. If anyone can recommend a good sound card that's cheaper that would awesome. It has to have analog and digital out though, cause i have Sennheiser PC 350's hooked up to analog and z-5500 hooked up to digital.
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