How to flash ASUS P5VD2-MX (AWARD BIOS) without a floppy disk?

yeah that's the question. I need to upgrade my BIOS. I've read that if I upgrade my BIOS to the latest version, I will be able to select 1440x900 resolution. My problem is, that my FD drive is not working. So I mean, can I upgrade my bios using a CD, USB or something like that but not a floppy disk?
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  1. Asus's website is currently down so i cant confirm this, but im sure they must have a windows based flash utility. i flash my ECS motherboard from a windows based utility that comes with the bios file.
  2. If you have the manual and it supports "crashfree bios" you can update the bios with a cd...

    You need to download the new bios and then rename it to whatever the original file on your support cd is. eg. (P5VD2-MX.rom)

    burn a disk with the file on it, start your pc looking for the cd first in the boot order and update from there.
  3. thanks both you guys, I just have found ASUS Upgrade utility, downloaded latest version and successfully upgraded my BIOS. Now I've got widescreen resolution, that's what I was looking for. Thanks!
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