Arock or Gigabyte mobo

So I was planing on getting this mobo but then saw the ASrock mobo wich one of this do you think is the best one.
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  1. Would take another look, from researching arocks, they are ok boards but, in the bios they do have limited settings, its basically a downgrade from asus. Like Bios flashing, asrocks bios isnt in a good enough shape as i've seen for reliable board structure. Would defenantly look into ASUS and Gigabyte 100%.

    the 780g as i've seen is around $89.99 and $94.99.

    should look into them, check them out.
  2. You couldn't get me to use a ASRock Board if it was free and you where going to pay me to use it I value my components way to much. ASRock is a 3rd party brand of Asus think of it as there low end low quality items. To me Asus isn't even a top contender anymore ever Asus board I have used since the socket A has had to be RMA-ed at least 1 time if not more for issues (used 3 I try to give people ample chance to improve). I would personally go with Gigabyte there my board of choose and out of the 5-10 I used over the past few years I have only had 1 fail me (that was my fault it was a over clocking incident I pushed WAY to hard). For quality I would go Gigabyte in fact I am running one right now. So I would highly recommended them. Also you didn't give link to gigabyte board both links are for ASRock board.
  3. oh sorry fixed it
  4. Absolutely no doubt - Gigabyte.
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