XFX 750i Voltage Problem

I'm trying to overclock with my XFX 750i motherboard, and I have the jumpers set to overclock mode, but I can't figure out how to change the voltages. It's as if it won't allow me too. I can increase the FSB fine, just not the voltages. Can anyone help?
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  1. I'm in the same boat. Plz, if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.
  2. Nvidia motherboards are the worst boards to overclock on alot of the boards simply cant overclock at all and have no option in bios to up voltage if you dont see a vcore option in your cell menu then you cant adjust the vcore voltage and will severely limit your overclock. Most nvidia chipsets have trouble with just a couple hundred mhz overclock.
  3. Its in there you just have to use the - or + keys to adjust but with that said its really mental as it starts at zero point I assume which means "default" vcore but it seems rather low . To the poster above I have an easy OC of 600mhz q9650 @ 3.5 GHz no sweat at all. Your statement might almost be correct in a broad general view but not entirely correct . While intel chipsets seem to oc well not all , and some are seriously restricted or dont contain any OC options what so ever. So heh general statements are just that General i guess .

    To the other two posters i just got this mobo and will post back my experience with OC'ing with it just have to find my login details .

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  5. Ok need to correct myself , not such a bad board just very different from anything else i have used the voltages are weird and it takes a lot of juice to get some decent OC . Have my q 9650 @ 3.5
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