SR1230NX hard drive crash

Hello, My hard drive recently crashed after several warnings to back up my data because of bad sectors in my HD. I did BU most of the data before the crash, however there is still data I wish to recover. I am almost certain that the problem is in the boot sector of the hard drive, and I have removed the HD from the computer. My question is, how do I recover data from the old HD that will not boot? thanks in advance for your response.
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  1. get hiren's boot cd , boot up the system with cd & use live Xp to recover your datas..

    there are some HDD repair tools packed with it which help little bit more to repaid some bad sectors & recover more data..
  2. Yes, there are many advanced technologies by which we can perform data recovery. I share the same for recover data, i also used the services from to recover my lost data. I haven’t seen any other sites that does that, was very valuable in my case.

    Hope this is also helpful to you.
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