Big problem with new watercooled setup

Hi all, in my last post I asked "Do I need a 2 loop setup?" I went with the oppinion that 2 loops are better. I have fitted an XSPC dual res with 2x 18w DDC pumps. 1 pump feeds a 120.3 radiator then 2x Heatkiller GTX 280 blocks. This circuit is great idles at 40 degrees and load of 68 degrees. The problem is the CPU circuit, the second pump feeds another 120.3 rad then to a Heatkiller v3 i7 water block. From the start this circuit has been trouble, How much flow should there be? because when I squeeze the GPU circuit the pipes are soft and you can feel the water rushing in the hose. But the cpu pipes are rock hard from pump to rad and rad to block but the return from the block is soft(like its empty!!) it took ages to bleed, the bubbles were moving VERY slowly through the pipes. The CPU from cold starts at 38 degrees then within 5 mins is idleing at 50 degrees. As soon as CPU is loaded it instantly jumps to 82 degrees and stays at that level. I have reseated the block 3 times and its exactly the same so am sure its not a bad seat, seems to me like its really struggling to shove the water through the block( the heatkiller blocks dont come with removable packaging seals in the barb holes do they?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) something like that would explain the issue. Should I strip the block to check for a blockage? Don't think its a bad pump because the hoses up to the block are hard with pressure but none after the block. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time
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  1. Something is wrong with the internals of your block or you have a kinked hose. Did you rinse the HK block out before use?

    Yep, open it up, be very careful with the seals.
  2. Thanks Conumdrum, will take the block apart and let you know what I find. Def not a kinked hose.


  3. Hi, SORTED the cpu block was bunged up solid with what looks like mushed up tissue!!!!!! God only knows how that got in there. Have flushed through twice and now am in the process of bleeding out the air but the water is now flying through the loop, yeah!!!!!!!! will report back with temps once I get all the air out.
    see image of blockage.

    Also another question, is it possible to check the cpu flatness with it in the motherboard cos if so mine has got a massive lump in the middle, see picture of me with a blade across the surface. Hope it is just the socket pulling the sides down because it looks like it needs about 2mm+ lo lap it flat.

    thanks for your help

  4. Pics don't show. CPUs don't have to be perfectly flat. Thats what the TIM is for. Better convex than concave BTW. Awaiting pics.

    I always rinse my WC parts. I do open the pumps, but not the blocks.
  5. Hmm, the CPU is easy enough to take out and check for flatness. But yea, you could lap that CPU if temps warrent it.. Warrenty goes out the window tho. Check the bottom of the HS, you'd be surprised to see the HK is bowed on the bottom like it should be.

    DON'T lap the HK.
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